Mums in the Biltmore Gardens


October 18, 2014



Biltmore Estate: Late fall

Last Friday, we drove up to Asheville to see daughter in the UNC-Asheville Dance Concert.  Dear husband took the day off so we had the whole afternoon to wander around the Biltmore Estate.  It was a beautiful afternoon!


I'm usually very much against public Christmas decorations* before Thanksgiving, but I know that the Biltmore house has a lot of Christmas tours to do so they start early (the tours get really crowded in December)(Hint we got from someone who works there - go at about 4 pm.  The day tourists are mostly done, but the Candlelight tours haven't started yet).  Here, they have the outside Christmas tree up.

The greenhouse was beautiful as usual:

Bird of paradise


 Wreath made of...


...epiphytes and succulents


The greenhouse roof

The orchids were beautiful:






DSC06159sThe paperwhites smelled wonderful!


Very large ferns

*  I don't care if people decorate their own houses that early - I just don't care for it in stores.

Hummus at the West End Bakery in Asheville

When we were in Asheville a few weeks ago, we had lunch at the West End Bakery.  I tried hummus for the first time a few years ago there.  It was wonderful, although, unfortunately, the hummus I've tried from other places, while good, is never as good as it is there.  Here's the hummus we got three weeks ago:


Here's the inside of the bakery,...


...the stained glass window in front,..


...and the quilt on the wall.


Biltmore Garden Video

When we were in Asheville for our early anniversary trip last weekend, we spent Sunday at the Biltmore Estate.  The gardens are beautiful right now - there's so much blooming and so much color that it was like walking through a box of crayons.  Here's the video I took (I'm still getting used to the camera so it took a few seconds to stop recording at the end):



Wandering in Asheville last weekend - Downtown

Dear husband and I went for an early anniversary trip.*  We had breakfast at the City Bakery early Saturday morning, and then we wandered around downtown Asheville before all the stores opened.  I enjoyed doing this when I was visiting daughter back in June.  It's calm and peaceful, you can really see the architecture because there are fewer people and cars, and the people downtown, in some ways, are more diverse than later in the day.

DSC03744csYou can't take a photo down Lexington Ave. later in the day.

Dear husband took this photo of a sunflower on Wall St. (I'm too short to get this angle for the photo).

DSC03755sAt Blue Goldsmiths in the Flatiron Building on Wall St.

In the window of La Magia on Battery Park Ave.  If you click on the photo to get a larger version, you can see that the knights on the left side are llamas.

Pigeon time by the Basilica of St. Lawrence


The statues closer up

* Because it's warmer in September than in mid-February.