The trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron and also the How It Should Have Ended video for the trailer

I've enjoyed all the recent Marvel superhero movies, and it looks like I'll enjoy the next one:  

James Spader does the voice for Ultron.  His current tv show, The Blacklist, is one of the two shows I'm currently keeping up with (sort of - we're three to four weeks behind on both of them)(the other show is - Surprise!) - Agents of Shield).  

We all got a big kick out of the How It Should Have Ended video:


From their website:

Tuurngait is a graduation short film directed by five students from the Supinfocom school in Arles, South of France. One year of work, 20 computers and more than 1 month of machines calculation were required to generate the approximately 17000 images of the movie. 

It's a beautiful video! (Watch it fullscreen!)

Tuurngait from Tuurngait Team on Vimeo.

[Hat tip to The Presurfer]

Wolverine - The Musical! by Glove and Boots

Older son showed us a number of Glove and Boots videos this weekend.  This is my favorite.  I love how well they do all the songs - particularly Put on Your Sunday Clothes from Hello Dolly, and The Cell Block Tango from Chicago:

[I need to remember not to decide to blog every day in months where the weather is beautiful.  I'm not spending that much time at the computer!]


"Thought of You," a beautiful dance animation, and an addition to the blogroll

I haven't added to my blogroll for quite a while, and there are some wonderful blogs I need to include.  The first one that I'll mention, because I showed everyone here a number of posts from it this evening, is Thinking Animation BlogThinking Animation Blog has posts about animation, the making of animation, interviews with animators, and wonderful animation videos that I often haven't seen anywhere else. 

One of my recent favorites is Thought of You, a beautiful dance animation by Ryan Woodward set to World Spins Madly On by The Weepies (go to the Thinking Animation post to see a video about the making of this short). 

Thought of You from Ryan J Woodward on Vimeo.


Other favorite recent posts at Thinking Animation Blog: