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Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - November 2017

I've spent the last few afternoons working out in the gardens.  Mild November weather (low 50's) makes up for the hot July weather in NC.


This perennial sunflower, which we planted last year, is over 12 feet tall.  It's been blooming beautifully for the last two months.


It's not always easy to find pineapple sage.  One year, the only place I could find it was at a store in Black Mountain, NC (4 hours away) when we were on vacation in July.  It takes all summer to get large, and then blooms wonderfully in the fall.


We have these chrysanthemums all over in the garden.  They're wonderful in the fall, and the insects love them.  These are some of the last blooms.


One last bloom on the twice-blooming azalea.


These chrysanthemums are the last perennial to start blooming in the gardens every year.  I love their bright yellowness.


I bought too many pansies this year, but I love them.


We've had two freezes so far.  We put some of the deck pots in the garage for two night so we still have some annuals - like this geranium.  


This African impatiens also was in the garage.


The hanging basket also went in the garage.


The last blooms on the tickseed


This cone flower is in a pot waiting for us to finish redoing part of the flower bed.  I'll plant it later this week.


Plants haven't been doing well in this part of the flower bed for the last few years.  We dug lots of bulbs, and a few not-very-happy plants out of it yesterday, and our sons are digging it up, adding soil amendments, and mixing it all together.  Tomorrow, we'll finish up, and then I have lots of bulbs, pansies, and perennials to put in. 

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