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Tony Awards Countdown (5 Days): "Corner of the Sky/Magic to Do" from Pippin

Pippin is one of my three favorite musicals.*  When we lived in upstate NY in the mid-70's, I used to watch Ben Vereen in the Manson Trio in the ad for Pippin on a small black & white TV.  I loved that performance, Fosse's choreography, and Ben Vereen's dancing.  However, I wasn't old enough to see Pippin.

Until recently, Pippin was never revived on Broadway, and I haven't had the chance to see it at local theaters.

Two weeks ago, I finally saw Pippin.  I'd seen this Tony performance, and I wasn't sure what I though of this.  Would the acrobatics be distracting from the story?  They were different performers than I'd seen in the DVD of a 1981 performance.

I loved it!  I was caught up in the whole thing - it was beautiful, and funny, and totally engaging.  There was new choreography so it wasn't as Fosse-esque, but that's what happens with a new production.  They did keep Fosse's Manson trio choreography.

I managed to turn off my inner Ben Vereen after the first few numbers!

2013 Tony performance:

 Manson trio from the Broadway production:

The touring production we saw had John Rubenstein, the original Pippin on Broadway, playing Pippin's father, King Charlemagne.

* She Loves Me, and The Mystery of Edwin Drood.

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