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The most wonderful idea

I always get excited by the first daffodils and crocuses of the spring - particularly after really cold winters like this last one.

DSC08490sDaffodils at the bottom of the back steps - March

When we get to the dogwoods and azaleas blooming, I want to squeeze every bit of bloomy goodness out of the season.


 Duke Gardens - last Wednesday

Things calm down a little bit in the later spring.  Not too much, though - I love the columbines all over the yard.  

Columbines in the front yard (all the rest of the photos are from this afternoon)


Forget-me-nots and columbines


Columbine and star of Bethlehem


Later-blooming azaleas in the backyard


I bought this 12 years ago as a 6" tall, pitiful, heavily discounted azalea.  It's happy where it is, and it spreads all over


Lily of the Valley is my favorite scent

We ate lunch outside today.  Every year, after the first rush of daffodil/dogwood/azaleas blooms is over, it always hits me that this will last until late October.  For the next six months, something will be in bloom somewhere in the yard!  

What a wonderful idea!


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