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"The Art of the Brick" - Nathan Sawaya, Alamance Arts Council

This exhibit has been at the Arts Council in Graham (1/2 hour away from us) since right after the summer musical ended.  I kept putting off going to it because we had so much else going on.  After not going last week because of my allergic reaction, I was about to give up on getting to it since it closes tomorrow.  However, I looked up more on the artist, and found this video:

After watching it, both younger son and I decided we wanted to go see the exhibit.  We also watched a fun Stephen Colbert interview (not embedded because it autoplays).

I'd heard that the exhibit has been very crowded so we wanted to get there when it opened.  We did get there that early - along with 160 elementary school students.  The exhibit is in three rooms of the old house that the Arts Council is in and in one room of the Children's Museum next door.  

Tomorrow is the last day so if you don't get a chance to go, here is some of what you missed:

DSC05810sHe does portraits of his wife in Legos.



One of my favorites - The Kiss





Mount Rushmore:  I was the most surprised by this because it seemed the least unusual and creative work there.  It turned out that it was voted on in a "What Should Nathan Make" adventure.

Another one of my favorites.  I wish it didn't have the reflections, but it was getting pretty crowded at this point, and it was difficult to get photos without someone in front...

...or someone behind.  I (clumsily) Photoshopped a small Snow White and her mother out of the back of this photo.  I love the reflection in this one!

I'm currently reading Summerland (very good!) so this went along well.



Another favorite




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