All things being equal, choose a lunch spot with a view of the French Broad River
"Marching Band" - Joe Brooks

Wandering in Asheville last weekend - Downtown

Dear husband and I went for an early anniversary trip.*  We had breakfast at the City Bakery early Saturday morning, and then we wandered around downtown Asheville before all the stores opened.  I enjoyed doing this when I was visiting daughter back in June.  It's calm and peaceful, you can really see the architecture because there are fewer people and cars, and the people downtown, in some ways, are more diverse than later in the day.

DSC03744csYou can't take a photo down Lexington Ave. later in the day.

Dear husband took this photo of a sunflower on Wall St. (I'm too short to get this angle for the photo).

DSC03755sAt Blue Goldsmiths in the Flatiron Building on Wall St.

In the window of La Magia on Battery Park Ave.  If you click on the photo to get a larger version, you can see that the knights on the left side are llamas.

Pigeon time by the Basilica of St. Lawrence


The statues closer up

* Because it's warmer in September than in mid-February.


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