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A bluegrass version of "Forget You" by The Fiddleheads



DSC04090sThis is my picture of hope for today.  They're the peat pots that you start seeds in.  These were the pots in which seeds didn't germinate or plants died.  I finally cleared the rest out this morning.  They're now in the woods - in the spot where I put things that are waiting to go in the compost bins.  While they wait, they can release their nutrients into the ground to nurture the trees.   The trees above this spot are very happy (right).  

I've grown lots of annuals and many perennials from seed since I started gardening (about 23 years ago).  I started doing it because I couldn't afford to buy the plants. DSC04087s I've kept doing it because it's less expensive, but also because I enjoy it.  Not everything germinates, but I love watching the things that do.  I also love looking at an eight foot plant and knowing that I started it from seed - like the tithonia to the right.  

This year, I did really badly with the seedlings.  I was so tired and unfocused from lack of sleep with the CPAP that I forgot to water or to put the seedlings out in the sunshine.  I had little sunflowers that bloomed four inches tall in their peat pots in the shade on the front porch because I never got around to planting them in flower beds.  They were rather pathetic, I suppose, but I still enjoyed them.  

I started three trays of seeds - spring, early summer, and mid summer.  Fortunately, seeds aren't too expensive because out of the 150 peat pots worth of seeds, I actually transplanted maybe two dozen plants in the flower beds and deck pots.  The rest didn't germinate or didn't survive, and the pots got moldy from being in the shade - which, apparently, doesn't bother "Lady in Red" salvia - my biggest success this summer.  Tithonia also survives neglect pretty well and then takes off when put in the dirt.  

Even the tithonia in the shade did well.  The bed next to the garage only gets direct sun in June and a bit of May and July.  I've never planted anything in there as late as partway into July so, even though these plants came from the same batch as the one above to the right, they only are about three feet tall instead of seven because they haven't gotten enough direct sunlight.  They're still blooming, though:

If I'd been more practical, or if I'd known how wiped out I'd be for months on the CPAP, I would have known not to start seeds.  I'm glad I didn't and that I had the hope of more plants, even if it didn't pan out.  

I spent $18 for three trays of peat pots, maybe another $15 for the potting soil, and $15 for the seeds.  Actually, it was still a pretty good deal - coming out to about $2 per useable plant.  Even without that, it would have been worth it for the hope of gardening.  


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