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Choreography on the Emmys

I'm so glad a friend had a Facebook post about the choreography performance on the Emmys since I hadn't seen it.

They got the nominated choreographers to get together and choreograph a dance for the show, and it had to include the host, Neil Patrick Harris.  Apparently, for the first time, they were going to announce the award for best choreography on the evening show.  

The only TV show I even try to keep up with is So You Think You Can Dance (surprise!), and I didn't even get through the whole season this year because it takes place at the same time as the summer musical.  More than half of the nominated choreographers were from SYTYCD so I actually knew something about this category!  

Other than SYTYCD, I'm pretty clueless about what's on TV (except for Sherlock and that doesn't happen all that often).  Oh, I have heard of a number of the shows - Breaking Bad, Black is the New Orange, Mad Men, etc.  I'd heard of Game of Thrones, but I didn't know it was a TV show.  

I have watched one episode of Downton Abbey.  I loved it, but nobody else was watching it with me so I didn't have anyone to discuss it with.  Maybe someday.  In general, we end up watching more movies than anything else, and there are so many of them to watch (or rewatch with our kids - this week, we rewatched Harvey, and X Men, both of which younger son was seeing for the first time).

Back to the choreography performance:  I loved seeing all the different styles (the dance itself starts at 2:00):

I always enjoy Neil Patrick Harris so, after watching this, I wondered why I hadn't at least taped* the Emmy Awards to watch later.  When I watched the opening skit, which was fun, I realized why I hadn't.  I looked at the actors & actresses in the audience and realized that, unless they're from movies or Broadway, I don't know who they are.  This is unlike the Tony Awards, where I know who lots of the performers are, even though I haven't seen a live Broadway performance since older son was born!

I also found it interesting that they started the dance with a Broadway song!


* Yes, very old fashioned.  However, as little as I watch, why get the current technology (which will be outdated in five years anyway)?!


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