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Sue Patterson

This was really interesting and timely to me. I might even have to write my own blog post about it. I was raised Catholic - 12 yrs of Catholic schools. That's a cultural immersion! But when I married someone who had been married before, that wasn't going to work out. So we went to what my friends called Catholic Lite - the Episcopalian Church. Sometimes it felt more Catholic than the Catholic Church!
To make a long (30 year!) story short, I went to a Catholic Mass/Funeral and Rosary a couple of weeks ago. I fell into place as if I hadn't been gone. It was very comforting. I'm not sure why. I don't have a particular religion that I feel attached to these days (another long story), but the going to that Catholic Church that day (and it wasn't even my childhood parish), felt like coming home.

M Light

The Episcopalian church does seem more Catholic than the Catholic Church sometimes! :)

I'd be really interested to read your post. I wasn't even raised Catholic so I'm always surprised how much I feel at home.

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