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Saturday Fun Song: "Stand by Me" - Prince Royce and many other musicians

Years ago, I had the 45 of John Lennon's version of "Stand By Me."  I think I like Prince Royce's version even better - particularly since we use it for Zumba!

Okay, that was supposed to be the end of this post - nothing long and involved.  But I had to go check the Wikipedia, where I found that the BMI named this song the fourth most recorded song of the twentieth century! Of course, I had to wander YouTube.

I was originally going to put all the videos in this post, but that would make it take forever to load.  However, I had to put these in:

  • The Muppets:

  • Lady Gaga and Sting:

  • Playing for Change - Musicians from around the world singing Stand By Me:

  •  Dance to Prince Royce's version by Bachata Soul:


John Lennon

George was someone I felt I knew and loved immediately, but had no specific idea as to when we’d been together—if ever.
Stan was a first-rate counselor who I felt I’d liked immediately, and more as
I came to know him. George had helped me in my formative years, and
they had both helped me in my very difficult years as a young
mother and housewife when the depressions were at their worst.

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