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Wonderful post!


This ammendment will have no affect on the NC domestic violence law. If you take the time to read the law, you will see that it covers not just married couples, but also most all relationships within a house. Brothers, Sisters, parents, children, same sex partners and heterosexual partners. If Billy Graham believes that it is morally right to support this definition of marriage, I find it laughable that Bill Clinton would try to add his credibility to what marriage means. He still believes that he did not have sex with that woman! I think Hillary would disagree.

M Light

Laurie: Thank you!

Miles: I'll have to look further into that. I don't pay any attention to Bill Clinton at this point. I do think that it's a sign of how good the economy was back then that the nation spent so much time focused on his sex life. As I said, I'm amazed now that the NC government is focusing on marriages which don't hurt anyone rather than on the real economic problems facing our state.


After the (gravely disappointing but not surprising) vote results in NC, I find that what chiefly outrages me is well expressed as one of the primary and most heated points in the video you included in your post. How in the world is it possible that NC allows a simple majority vote to amend our constitution? Only a supremely confident (I'm tempted to say arrogant) majority could have felt safe enabling such a binding event at the will of a simple popular majority, particularly given the small attention span and lack of appetite for details of the average voter. And I'm torn, in my current anger, between wishing that the majority may soon feel the fear and pain of being a minority themselves, and wishing that some higher power will simply strike down Amendment One (and the 29 other state constitutional clauses which are similar) as a violation of equal protection under the U.S. Constitution. The latter is the right thing to do. I hope the ACLU or other organization finds actionable cause to bring this to the Supreme Court.


I'm hoping the Supreme Court strikes it down. As far as the domestic violence laws before Tuesday, they are now subject to reinterpretation with this stupid amendment.

M Light

I hope it gets struck down too.

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