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Lina and lilys (or "No, no, bad kitty!")

"Bohemian Rhapsody" sung by the Porkka Playboys (Or "What would happen if the Musicians should be more?")

Since I've already posted the Muppet and Celtic versions of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, I was pleased to find this video of a Finnish group, the Porkka Playboys, singing the song (in English) in a VW Polo (circa 1980)(the VW, not the video):

I used Google Translate to try to read their website in English, but it was only of limited use.  It couldn't translate many of the words, and what did get translated doesn't always sound normal.  On the other hand, it might not just be fault of the translation!  Here's a taste from the translation of the Musicians page:

Grace in 2008, proper young gentleman and a musician first Kukkola Jonah went to the flea market driven by a higher power round. Kotvan pytinki touring and scrap boxes pengottuaan his eyes finally osuikin one of the most remote on the shelf nököttävä, poison green, musical little devils that contains an accordion, with whom she wobble like a trance.  Jonah, was completely impossible to resist these little creatures call viekkaiden screams, so immediately accordion oravannahkoihin exchanged Jonah astelikin the street and rang the hypnotized enchanted accordion solo, taking alms from the thrilled audience.  Tästäpä four FIM richer Jonah got a thought: "Hmm ... If you already have one accordion and one caller to the public so hullaantumaan what would happen if the Musicians should be more?" It took Jonah and wondering earned money wisely invested in soft drinks...*

It starts to seem rather existential... or maybe transcendental... after you read it for a while.  Here's the end of that page:

...Well, nothing! When all the four people still sing and the angels' languages, the band was noted to be finished.

Already the first session it was clear that such a common sound is heard in the streets kuunaan Finland - So olkaatten careful: if the ringer when ostosreissullanne Or, you can hear a beautiful song, close your ears, because if you do not do so, Porkka Playboys steal your heart.


 *  I had to take a break and read other blogs before finishing this post because I was starting to write in the style of the translation!

 [Hat tip to Geekosystem]


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