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NaBloPoMo/Follow up to Saturday's post/"And the Father will dance" by Mark Hayes/"Mr. Cellophane" - Ben Vereen and the Muppets

National Blog Posting Month! (which means daily blogging)  I'm going to participate with Moomin Light again this year (I always post daily on Birds and Blossoms and Durham:  Top of the Triangle).  However, there is one change, for me, from previous years.  Some days will have photos and some will have writing.  I'm not going to try to write every day.  I found that I don't write longer posts that way, and that just makes me cranky. 

For those who were might have wondered from Saturday's post, I did go to church yesterday.  I wasn't nearly as angsty as I was Saturday night, and some of that angst, or at least my allowing myself to express it, came from other things in my life (which I don't write about).  Things went pretty well.  I only had two "Mr. Cellophane"* moments, but you can't expect everyone to say hello, or look at you, just because you say hello (unless you're walking around downtown Hillsborough, in which case it usually happens).  It would have helped if those hadn't been the first two people I passed when I got in the building.  Once I got into the choir room, things got better.  They always do.

I love the anthem, And the Father Will Dance (by Mark Hayes), we sang yesterday.  I finally realized that it was partly because it reminds me of some of the choral music I sang back in high school and college.  I didn't do any choral singing again until I joined the choir a few years ago.  Here is And the Father Will Dance, sung by the TMC Choir:

I realized, while we were singing the anthem (probably during one of the held Ds), that I'm going to keep going to church. 

Would I miss a performance opportunity?!


* Cellophane, Mr. Cellophane
Should have been my name, Mr. Cellophane
'Cause you can look right through me
Walk right by me
And never know I'm there! (from the musical, Chicago)

I used this video from The Muppet Show because I couldn't find a Broadway version of the song, and I don't care for the movie version.  I love hearing/watching Ben Vereen sing/dance just about anything!

[Hat tip to the choir member who sent out the YouTube video link]



I loved that anthem! We are going to try to make it to practice after the time change, if the baby will adjust. But I couldn't sing with y'all since I hadn't practiced. Lucky me! It was lovely to hear, and I got to focus on the words in a different, more zoning out is okay way, than when singing.

M Light

It was good to see the three of you at practice last night!


Thanks. I enjoyed seeing you, too, or rather, being aware of your presence while sorting my own small chaos. It was hard to focus when Pip played London Bridge by circling between my legs, but I liked getting to be in choir again, too. I had totally worn out my voice already with the children's choir, though. Sight reading is a pain when one is tired.

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