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Favorite Boston photos: The Freedom Trail plus one other

From our recent trip.  We started out with the Freedom Trail because daughter has wanted to walk it since we went there a few years ago. 

The U.S.S. Constitution - the oldest, commissioned warship afloat - and the thing that younger son wanted to visit the most.
View of Boston from the deck
Organ in the Old North Church.  The angels around the organ were actually stolen.  In 1746, Captain Thomas Grucy, a pirate who was working with the British and also a member of this church, stole the angels from a ship that was bringing them to a Catholic church in Quebec.  Later, the Canadian church was contacted, but they said to just keep the angels.
Paul Revere's house in the North End - one of our favorite parts of Boston.
View of the Financial District from the edge of the North End.  For those who haven't been to Boston in a while, the park in the front of the photo is where the elevated highway used to be (now underground).  The change still slows down my navigation because I've only briefly been to Boston since.
Another view of the Financial District from Faneuil Hall.
Street dancers at Faneuil Hall.  Street performers are another of my favorite things about Boston.  These guys had a great show. [Photo deliberately small so that no one can increase the size and look at individuals.]
The old State House.  The surroundings don't look anything like the Colonial days, but I've always loved its setting in the midst of the tall buildings.  Maybe it's because it can hold its own, architecturally speaking, without being large.
Front view


We went to Harvard Square for dinner.  As we were wandering, we found Kofuku, a store that sells Japanese toys and gifts.  It was a basement store so here's the entrance - complete with Totoro.  Daughter and I bought some small things.



So pretty! It must have felt wonderful to be back, no?

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