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I enjoyed the T-shirt - thank you. Lovely shade of familiar green.

Like you, this is one of just a few musicals that I have seen for the first time in the theater, and therefore did not know. So the build up was fresh and immediate, and I was swept away by "Defying Gravity." This is one of the few truly tempting (for me) perks of living in or near Manhattan...


I saw Wicked on our trip to San Francisco last summer. It makes me smile every time I hear one of the songs, because a friend of mine was in the S.F. production and it was so fun to see her on stage. And Mike and I had been engaged all of 24 hours when we saw it so I was in a pretty good mood.

I *had* listened to the soundtrack multiple times but still didn't know much of the story. That made it all the more enjoyable, since, like you, I usually know the plot of musicals before I see them. And I bought each of my girls a t-shirt from the show, including that Defy Gravity one. Try wearing it with a cami under it if you don't like the deep V. Although I'm sure you look lovely in it.


I loved seeing Wicked. Even though I had heard many of the main songs over and over via the girls, I was totally and completely blown away, especially with Defying Gravity. And even better for me was realizing I loved Elphaba's live voice better than the soundtrack! I'm glad we didn't get the same person. She was fantastic.


Mandy Patinkin has ruined SO many musical productions for me. I don't know whether to curse him or thank him for saving me the money. :)

M Light

Steve: That's one of the few reasons for living near Manhattan. There are so many reasons not to... (cold, seasonal depression, too hectic, etc.)

Lisa: You must have been flying pretty well yourself with a new engagement when you saw Wicked! I like the cami idea - daughter and I are going shopping tomorrow...(now that AP tests are over).

GreenJello: I didn't think I could enjoy a tour more than the cast album so I was surprised when I did!

Maryann: I wish that more of his performances were on DVD. We saw a concert of his about ten years ago - just him and a pianist. It was wonderful.

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