Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - April 15, 2010 (very long)
It's been such a good day...


2010_04_15_3750as She showed up Wednesday night.  As the sun set, she was wandering around the yard while younger son played with his friends.  Younger son came in to get us so we could see her.  After being petted, she just relaxed on the bench in the garage.

She's very sociable.

She was still on the front porch (right) when dear husband got back from his trip at midnight. 

We finally fed her Thursday evening.  I didn't want to feed her because I wanted to encourage her to go home, but that didn't seem to be working.  She turned up her nose at the dry cat food that our cats eat, but she loved the organic wet food that a neighbor brought over (Thank you!). 

She likes to relax under my van or under the bushes in front of our house.  Yesterday afternoon, she followed younger son and his friend up the driveway until she got to the end of the flower beds.  Then she just sat there and watched as they headed over to his friend's house.

This afternoon, as we sat outside eating our sandwiches, she ate her lunch from a plate next to us. 

She ventured further this evening.  When dear husband and I got back from our walk, she was happily sitting on someone's lap as they sat in a hammock next door.  The kids all seem to love her.

CatOur cats, on the other hand, hate her.  If they smell her on our hands after we pet her, they get mad and beat each other up.  Lina attacked the sliding glass door when the cat was out on the deck.  Tamlin has been very cranky the last two days and actually scratched me for no reason today.

We can't keep her.

She's very sweet, loves to be petted, and loves to have company.  She followed me all over the yard yesterday afternoon while I was taking the photos for my bloom day post.  That's when I took the photo to the right - to put on the neighborhood blog to see if we can find her owners.

She has to have owners.  She's well-fed, has a collar and a bell, and she's been declawed.  She can't stay here because she can't live inside with our cats (she'd become a punching bag), and she can't live outside without claws. 

I refuse to name her.

She's been given three names already by others (daughter and neighbors).

I can't get attached to her.


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