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Pilot Mountain, NC

Some old garden photos

Still sick.  If my throat continues to be this swollen tomorrow, I'm going to the doctor.  About the only thing that I've had the concentration for is going through and organizing photos on the computer.  Here are two that particularly struck me today:

Bee on a Sage, July, 2008
With parts of the garden still covered in snow, it's hard to believe that they'll look like this.  I don't usually look at summer garden photos in the winter.



Those gorgeous lilies! This is the time of year that always has me dreaming of gardening seasons past.

Boy, I hope you get feeling better soon! Maybe you have whatever it was we had a handful of weeks ago. Both kids and I were sick, evil sore throats, headaches, fever. I think they had the flu, but they still bounced back faster than I did. But maybe it's strep, eh?


Hope you feel better soon. It's no fun to have things planned and not feel like doing a thing. Great pictures, though! I love the close up of the bee.

We've got another 8-12 inches of snow predicted for tonight - to go with the 12 inches we got last weekend. So we'll have more fun in the snow (if my back can take it). Take care.


Moomin Light is, unfortunately, being what she calls "a pharmacological experiment." I get to pick up the next drug in line for testing - so we can find out what unfortunate side effects will come up next (like heart palpitations with the last one). I also get to argue with the doctors and nurses about why we are not going to step into the jaws of the medical machine (the emergency room) for a side effect that we are quite sure is not a "real" heart issue, etc. And I get to argue with the doctors and nurses about why we need a different antibiotic - and why this one or that one is not a good idea because I know (better than they sometimes do) which families the drugs belong to and I have to make sure we don't repeat ones we've already tried...

So MLight may be a few more days returning to her blog, since the side effect of the latest seems to be extreme drowsiness. That one we can possibly live with, as she hasn't had enough sleep for days.

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