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2010_01_28_1274s Everything is finally clicking.  I said that last week to my physical therapist, who immediately panicked ("What part of her knee is clicking?!"), so I had to revise it to "Everything is finally coming together."   My physical therapy is going really well, and my knee is starting to work somewhat normally again.  I don't have to treat myself as this fragile thing, which I've been doing for too long. 

I injured my knee a year and eight months ago.  After the first surgery, I had a lot of pain and my knee never got back to normal.  I didn't even really need a prescription painkiller after the second surgery, although I was on Advil as an anti-inflammatory until recently. 

I won't mention who did the first surgery; the less said the better.  That orthopedist is supposedly an excellent surgeon, but he left my knee in bad shape and seems to spend as little time as possible talking to patients.

The orthopedist who did my second surgery is fantastic and fixed a number of things which she very carefully explained to us afterward.  The physical therapists are also excellent - they design your program specifically for you, and they really listen.  Before my surgery, I was told by someone that I'd find a world of difference at Duke Sports Medicine, and I have. 

I've been doing physical therapy (pt), outside of appointments, for 2 to 2 1/2 hours a day.  Most days I go there to use the pool and the machines.  The receptionists know me by name - and daughter too because she's getting over tendinitis.  We used to do Broadway dance together; now we do physical therapy together... :(

That's why I haven't been posting much lately.  I'm so focused on physical therapy that I don't even sign on to Typepad for days.  After all this time dealing with my knee problems, I feel that recovery is now in sight, and I have a hard time not pushing myself too much.  As I mentioned to dear husband today, I can easily do all of my pt every day.  What I find difficult is to take it easy the next day if I've done too much.  Today's one of those days so I'm catching up here, on Musiclectic, and on Birds and Blossoms.

I've also had to spend a lot of time with my knee elevated because it seems to swell easily - not a lot, but enough to make it stiff.  I've read lots of books.  I may even eventually blog about some of them.

Lately, I do my home pt while watching the Olympics.  Younger son is really enjoying that (he'd like to try snowboarding someday). 

For most of the time since my injury, I haven't listened to either aerobic type music or Broadway music.  It just made me sad because I couldn't do either.  Now that I actually believe that I'll recover enough to do them, I can listen to those again.  Here's Jellyhead, by Crush, one of my favorite aerobic songs.  I've taught numerous aerobic classes to this song, but have no idea what it's about.  It's very forward moving (particularly in the aerobic versions) so it's great to teach to.

Years ago, I had this problem where my chest would hurt if I threw myself into aerobics too fast and didn't warm up gradually.  I had a treadmill stress test for my heart, which turned out negative, so we assumed the problem was bronchospasms, from my asthma.  After my second knee surgery, the recovery room nurse was looking at my record and mentioned that she had the same thing, with a negative stress test.  She eventually turned out to have blockage and had to have a stent put in her heart. 

Once I got to the point in my pt where I was fit enough that that was happening again, I checked with my doctor who sent me for a more advanced stress test - to make sure that my heart wasn't this ticking bomb in my chest.  I got the results back this week.  It isn't!!!!!!  There's no blockage whatsoever.  Now, I just need to get my knee back to normal and get back in shape.

So, if you come to my blogs and I'm not posting, know that I'm probably busy doing physical therapy.

With a fierce joy. 

[The photo of crocuses in the grass at Duke Gardens is actually from almost a month ago - before we had the snow.  I haven't been back to see if they're still blooming.]



That is so fantastic to hear, Laura. Must feel like coming back to life!

M Light

It does!


And that crocus photo is in itself a testimony to recovering. You had to get down pretty low to take that picture...

M Light

I guess it is. I was practically lying on the grass.

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