Some old garden photos
The last homely house

Pilot Mountain, NC

Pilot Mountain is about half an hour from Winston-Salem.  When we lived in Winston, we used to occasionally go to Pilot Mountain in the evening to watch the sun set over the Blue Ridge Mountains.  We've hiked there numerous times, including a hike to the top in the snow when the road was closed, and we've also camped there.  It's another one of my favorite places.


I took these pictures while driving past it on the way back from our October mountain vacation last fall.
I was trying to get a shot of it in the rear view mirror.  I usually watch it until it's out of sight.
I think this one was the best. 



I like the mirror shots - but I like the first one best - more interesting all over (particularly you in the mirror) and no less a shot of the mountain... Though you can kinda miss the mountain in that shot, which is probably why the second one is your fav...

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