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Video Link-fest

Lately, by the time I get to the computer, I don't have much energy left.  Here are some interesting videos that I've run across - from more innocuous to... less:

  • Being a Pixar fan, I enjoyed the Toy Story 3 trailer.
Never take the mickey out of a male voice choir. Jay Leno thought it would be fun to lampoon the high-voiced acrobatics of Chanticleer on the Tonight Show last week, lip-synching his way through one of their numbers of perfectly polished 27-part harmonisation. But the boys of Chanticleer have made Jay suffer their wrath: here's their To Leno, filmed on their Christmas tour, merrily sending up Leno's "gigantic chin" and gigantic collection of cars...

Click here to listen to their Leno Carol of the Bells, and also to the King's Singers (another male, a cappella choir) sing the 12 Days of Christmas with a familiar face.   [Hat tip to WCPE]
  • At Carol of the Chins, you can type in many carols and they'll sing it.  I recommend the 12 Days of Christmas.  It won't take long.  We tried lots of carols, and we were amazed at how many the creators did [Hat tip to a friend]. 
  • Every Sunday, Feministe has a self-promotion Sunday post.  In the comments, readers can post links to their own posts.  I always look through it.  Last Sunday, I enjoyed this post at Evil Slutopia, If You Love Blogging, or Glee, or Both...  with a video about what happens when an insomniac blogger watches Glee (or "How to channel your inner Barbra Streisand").
  • The video is on Evil Slutopia, but it was made by The Bloggess so, of course, I had to check out her blog.  Eventually, after reading, enjoying, and wandering, I ended up at a post she wrote for the website, Sexis:  What you want it to be (which I have not wandered around on so don't blame me if you do wander and find something you don't want to read)(remember, I don't get analytical about sex so I'm not really interested in wandering on a site that will make me look at sex from the third person)(of course, if you wander and find something you want to read, I suppose you can't really thank me either)(btw, if you haven't guessed it already, this is the not innocuous part of the post).  The post, Inappropriate thoughts about Twilight, describes problems with the... shall we say, physics and chemistry, of the intimate situations in Twilight. At the end, there's a comic commercial for an anti-vampire product - not something I'd ever thought about before, though it makes sense.
[Why am I back at vampires again?  I don't even really like vampires, and I'm getting to the point where I could add a category for them.]


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