"Smoke on the Mountain" was fantastic!
Defined by whom?!

Today's opinion is...

IMG_1720s ..that trying to write strong opinions every day gets exhausting for me.  Maybe it's just that I get tired of NaBloPoMo by mid-month, and I'd be weary of any kind of writing.  Maybe it's that this week has been incredibly busy, and this is the first night in almost a week that I'm not still out wandering around later in the evening.

It's not that I'm lacking in strong opinions today.  Many came up while I was planting 41 pansies and 3 snapdragons.  I was actually rather cranky for parts of the afternoon even though the sun is finally back.  I'm used to gardening by myself during the week, but, on the weekend, when all the neighbors and kids are out, I'm supposed to be seeing dear husband.  The day just didn't feel quite right.

At 6 pm, he finally got home from four days in Las Vegas.  Daughter was doing tech for two performances of Alice in Wonderland today.  She and older son left for the first performance at 1:30.   Older son came back after the show and after they got dinner, and he dropped her off for the second performance.  Right now, at around 9:30, dear husband is picking up daughter.  Younger son has been helping me make desserts for a party tomorrow.  When daughter gets back, we'll all have dessert together - the first time we'll all have a chance to eat together since last Sunday. 

That feels right. 

[On vacation, I woke up every morning for the sunrise.]


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