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"Smoke on the Mountain" was fantastic!

We went to see the Orange Community Players production of Smoke on the Mountain tonight, and we had a blast.  If you live in Hillsborough, Chapel Hill, or Durham, you really should go see it.*

Here's the description of the story:

The year is 1938. It's Saturday night in Mount Pleasant, NC, and the Reverend Oglethorpe has invited the Sanders Family Singers to provide an upliftin' evening of singin' and witnessin'. The audience is invited to pull up a pew and join in the rollicking good time. More than two dozen songs, many of them vintage pop hymns, and hilarious stories from the more or less devout Sanders provide a richly entertaining evening that has audiences clapping, singing, laughing and cheering.

The music is great.  The stories are funny and touching, and they express the characters' faith in a very genuine way.  The setting is very southern, as are the characters, and it's beautiful to watch their stories unfold. 

Let me put it this way, I enjoyed it so much that I'm trying to figure out some way to see it again next Saturday when daughter (who had a Nutcracker rehearsal tonight), older son (who wants to see it again), younger son (who wants to see it again), and dear husband (who flies back from Las Vegas tomorrow and does not yet know that he is going to go see it next weekend) are going.  Given that it's only two days after surgery, it might be a challenge.  Maybe if I sit in the back, and can bring something to prop my knee up on...

It's playing at various churches in the Hillsborough area tomorrow night and next weekend.  To find out where it's playing and to order tickets go to the Orange Community Players website.

And it was so wonderful to see everyone again!


* Unless you live in Hillsborough but are temporarily residing in Indiana, in which case it's a shame you can't see it because you'd really get a kick out of it.



LOL -- wish I could! glad you enjoyed it...

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