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So You Think You Can Dance top 12, and Mark Kanemura (from season 4) with a bit more "Bohemian Rhapsody"

Bohemian Rhapsody... Not sung by Queen

Since I didn't actually post the video for the previous post,* something seemed missing - so here's another video that I found at The Daily Dish:

Some comments:

  • At 0:52:  He's got the proper serenity for this part. 
  • 1:00:  A good choice for this section (and I don't care for the regular lyrics here anyway)
  • 1:55:  "Of a clam" - I like this too.
  • 2:07:  Good use of penguins.
  • 2:25:  Phenomenon! (one of the most popular ways by which people find my blog)
  • 2:51:  He had to sing this.
  • 2:54:  And they had to show up here.
  • 3:59:  Almost everyone else has shown up so far.
  • 4:38:  They had to be here. 

Another version of Bohemian Rhapsody:  Hibernian Rhapsody by the Celtic group, DeDannan. 

* Neither the song nor the performance warranted that. 


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