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I love the photo. A lot.

And I completely identify with losing touch with people... I used to be so good at writing at least yearly updates. Now, I'm lucky to answer an email.


This entry could have been a monologue in my own head. It would be nice to permanently lighten up on ourselves, no?

M Light

GreenJello: Thank you. I love getting e-mails; I'm just so bad at returning them.

Karen-in-law: It would. I don't know if I'll ever learn to, though.

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I love the photo. A lot.And I completely identify with losing touch with people.Psychic readings deal with the common topics like money, health, life issues, love issues, relationships, career moves, family, events, and spiritual direction.

M Light

I usually delete advertising spam, but this one gets points for actually reading the post and for enjoying my photo.

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