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I'm not one for New Year's Resolutions, but I did make a January decision this year (grin).  I'm changing the way I do Musiclectic

I haven't posted on it in over a month.  Now, granted, with knee surgery and sick kids, I haven't had much time.  Still, I haven't even had the slightest impulse to do so.  I realized that I've been going about posting there the wrong way.  Two changes:

  • I realized that I'd consider posting a song or piece there, but I'd decide not to because some day I might want to use it as a Friday Fun Song.  In other words, I wasn't posting my absolutely favorite music there.  Music I enjoy, yes, but I was saving my very favorite music, which also means that I was separating music into two categories.  I didn't want to do that either.  Now, I'm going to post whatever I want to on Musiclectic, and, if I want to repost it on Moomin Light later (as in years, not just months, if I keep blogging that long), I will. 
  • Since I did major in music, and planned to go into it as a career, I had this feeling that I should be more "professional" and less "chatty" on Musiclectic.  Quite frankly, I found it less interesting to write that way.  It was easier just to quote somebody else. Now, I'm going to be as chatty, personal, and anecdotal there as I am on Moomin Light.  
  • Since I called it "Musiclectic," I felt like I had to have a wide variety of music and have all the types more equally represented.  That's never going to happen because there's a lot more folk music that I like than there is hip hop.   It's still going to be eclectic, but I'm just going to post what I feel like posting and what's in my head (rather than looking for something to "balance it out"). 

To start anew, I'm posting the fourth movement of Prokofiev's Classical Symphony, with an anecdote from the NC School of the Arts - where I had a blast playing it! 


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