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Knee update

P1090249 Two steps forward and one step back.  I'm moving around pretty well, able to take walks that are about half my normal length (1/2 hour), doing steps slowly, but normally (i.e. not stepping up with the same leg over and over).  I even started driving again, yesterday, although it left me feeling exhausted for the rest of the day. 

I had a bit of a setback, today (I won't go into details), but, overall, things are getting better.  I tried walking some of the hills in our neighborhood on Saturday, but my knee informed me on Sunday that that was too much.  The physical therapist agreed on Monday, and said that  I should stay on flat places for a few more weeks.  But we live in Hillsborough!

Older son has been sick so daughter (who has her learner's permit) has been driving me around.  She's a pretty good driver.  Dear husband goes with them when they have their learner's permit because he's a calmer passenger than I am, and he's good at calming them down.

The winter jasmine has been blooming (in vase to the right), although I think this week's cold snap will blast the flowers we have. 


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