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Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

...was yesterday, but it was a "step back" knee day so I didn't go out and take pictures.  Here are some pictures I took recently, however.

I can see these pansies from my desk.  They make me happy.
Lonicera fragrantissima.  On the warmer days, earlier this week, I could smell these a few feet away.  They're always a winter joy.
Another winter joy, winter jasmine.  The stems look kind of scrappy the rest of the year, but they're worth it in January.
Psycho hibiscus (said with great affection) has started blooming again - the first time since this summer.  Psycho hibiscus is named for it's erratic blooming habits, for instance, not blooming for months and then putting out ten blooms at a time - on Christmas, 2 years ago, when we weren't here to see it. 

However, it's just at the right time this winter.  Because I can't do a lot of driving yet, I'm starting to feel isolated,* and seeing its blooms when I wake up helps cheer me up. 

Go to May Dreams Gardens to see more of Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.

* Hence the two posts in one morning as I wait for younger son to wake up.  He just got over a cold too. 



I can't imagine living somewhere that has NO flowers in the winter. I know I grew up in one, but I can't really recall that any more.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Thanks for sharing your blooms for bloom day. It's nice that you have some blooms outside this time of year!

M Light

Dear husband: I remember being a very inside person in the winter, except for sledding, when I lived in NY. I can't picture that now.

Carol: Thank you so much for having the Bloom Day! I've enjoyed seeing others' flowers.

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