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Computer Monitors

My computer monitor died this evening.  I'm currently using and old (and rather small) monitor from a PC we weren't using anymore. 

I've been looking at flat screen monitors because now, of course, all our monitors are too narrow for websites, although that's not really that much of a problem.  Dell currently has a good deal on a flat screen monitor, but I don't want to get it.

This is why.


The cats can't sleep on top of a flat screen monitor, and it's very companionable to have a cat sleeping on the monitor while I'm on the computer.  In the wintertime, there's almost always a cat up there.  That's Tamlin relaxing on top of the (no longer working) monitor this afternoon - away from younger son's ten year old birthday party.  Tamlin is currently keeping me company, although Lina is more likely to sleep on the monitor.

You can get used CRT monitors (the type we already have) really cheaply on Craigslist, but I would have to find one with a relatively flat top.

Here's Lina enjoying the streamers in the kitchen. 


To those from YNET:
ברוכים הבאים
(and thank you to Tal who told me the right word to use!)

More on this post here (What more could there be about a kitty post?).



Any kind you like... Just let me know what you decide... xx oo xx oo


We have all flat screens now, so no more monitor sitting, but our alpha male cat spends a lot of time snuggled up behind monitors and next to laptops. That's when he's not blocking some air vent, of course.

Your kitchen looks so cheerful!


oh, that's so cute. I hope you find a monitor that suits your needs :)

btw it took me some time to realize that what you wrote on the bottom is supposed to be "welcome". the term you're looking for is ברוכים הבאים
(the current one means "reception").

M Light

Lisa: We used to have a large table in the library, which the cats would sleep on, but we moved it out because it was too crowded. I'm wary of removing another sleep place - it's nice to have the company (well, except when their tails droop in front of the monitor).

Tal: Thank you for giving me the right word. Online translators are only somewhat useful - as I found when I tried to translate the entire article!


What fun this has all been! I hope we get a full translation - though it's not likely to be as interesting as the gargle the translator made of it.

Ehud Rattner


I enjoyed your post so much, I translated it fully! note the comments, of where to put pictures, link etc.

מסך המחשב שלי מת הערב. אני כרגע משתמשת במסך ישן (וקטן למדי) ממחשב שאינו בשימוש יותר.

הסתכלתי על מסכים שטוחים לאחרונה כיוון שלאחרונה כל המסכים צרים מדי בשביל אתרי אינטרנט, למרות שזו לא בעיה כזו גדולה. לדל יש <מבצע לא רע בכלל > link goes here ,
אבל אני לא רוצה את זה.

זו הסיבה:
picture goes here

חתולים לא יכולים לישון מעל מסך מחשב שטוח, וזה מאוד חברותי לי שיש חתול ישן על המסך כשאני עובדת על המחשב. בחורף, יש כמעט תמיד חתול שם. טמלין, למשל, נרגע על המסך (שכבר לא עובד) היום אחה"צ - רחוק ממסיבת יום ההולדת של הבן (בן עשר). טמלין כרגע מארח לי חברה, למרות שלינה נוטה יותר לישון על המסך.

אתה יכול למצוא מסכים ישנים (CRT) במחירים זולים מאוד בקרייג'ס ליסט, אבל אני אעדיף אחד עם משטח גדול יחסית, עליו החתול יוכל לשבת.

הנה לינה נהנית מהדגלונים במטבח.

second picture here

לאלו מ Ynet - ברוכים הבאים!

johnnie p

G_d bless your heart for being so good to your kitties

M Light

Ehud: Thank you!

johnnie p: Thank you!

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