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When I've been awake, I've had lots of time to read.  Some mini-reviews:

Dragon slippers Dragon Slippers by Jessica Day George:  In the author notes, she mentions being inspired by Patricia Wrede and Robin McKinley.  This light-hearted adventure is along the lines of those authors (though not an imitation).  Creel is an energetic, get-it-done sort of heroine, and the dragon society is as interesting as the human one.  It was a fun read (which I read between the time I woke up early this morning and when everyone else woke up). 

Equal rites Equal Rites by Terry Pratchett:  I ration out Discworld books to myself, but this week was definitely a time for one.  Women, much less girls, aren't allowed in the Wizards' Unseen University.  However, that isn't going to stop Esk and Granny Weatherwax. 

A Regency Christmas:  This is a wonderful book to read every few hours overnight as you're waiting to go back to sleep after taking medicine.  That doesn't sound much like a compliment, but it is.  Stories short enough to read in spells at night but interesting enough to keep my mind busy - unlike...

The Cylon's Secret (Battlestar Galactica) by Craig Gardner.  The first Battlestar Galactica book I read, Saggitarius is Bleeding, by Peter David, was excellent.  The plot was interesting, and he not only wrote the characters well, he provided new insights into their personalities. 

On the other hand, I put The Cylon's Secret down last night because I needed something to occupy my mind.  This book did not.  Halfway through, I was still waiting for the plot to go somewhere.  Since it takes place before the series starts, the only series characters are Adama, Tigh, and Zarek, and they're not written particularly interestingly.  I finished it today - mostly because it wasn't that longLord_Valentine's_Castle and I don't like to leave books unfinished (and I had the time). 

Still reading:

Lord Valentine's Castle by Robert Silverberg:  I'm rereading this one.  It's one of my favorite fantasy books.   Interesting plot, and a very rich, varied world.  I'm not going to give any more away because watching it unfold is part of the fun.

My Lady Nightingale by Evelyn Richardson:  He's a charming, aristocratic soldier returned from the Napoleonic wars.  She's a French aristocratic emigre and operatic soprano wanting to get beyond the confining boundaries of the French emigre society which longs for the glory days gone by.  I'm reading with my sore leg elevated but I don't care because the story is interesting. 

It's time!



Wonderful post! And you neglected to share with your audience that writing this post made you stay longer than you meant to at the keyboard... I was so happy to see you doing something so normal!

And I may have to break my reading ban for that Equal Rites. I am such a sucker for Granny Weatherwax taking on any establishment. But the wizards? Oh, yeah!


Thank you for this. I just finished the Twilight series and was casting around for something. I think fantasy is right where I need to be.

And I'm glad to learn from your dearest that you're doing normal things so soon after surgery!


Thanks for the book reviews. I "save" blogs to read, so I missed all the medical happenings in your family. Ugh! Hope you are feeling better soon...

M Light

Dear husband: I paid for it by taking my pain medicine late, though. Still, it was fun to get carried away (and also fun to realize that my brain is still working).

DCup: I had all sorts of blog ideas for this week - which, obviously, haven't happened :(

Meredith: Thank you! I'm on non-prescription painkillers today so things are getting better.

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