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Unsung Heroes of the Garden

I take all sorts of photos of the perennials that only bloom for a short while.  Here are some of the annuals that keep things going all summer and into the fall.

The cosmos come up, on their own, from seed every year. 
 This salvia, "Lady in Red," also comes up on its own every year (usually in the front of the flowerbed where it's too tall), but I also buy a few plants every spring just to be sure.

The first time I ever brought lantana home from the garden center, I was horrified to find out from dear husband that it was a poisonous plant.  Now that the kids are all older, I can have it in the garden (in the back yard where the younger neighbors don't go).
Like the salvia, the spider flowers reseed, usually in the front of the bed.  Like the salvia, they get to be about four feet tall.
False dragonhead are very aggressive, and I have to weed them out, which is harder to do when they come up in the middle of the roses. 
The morning glories also come up from last year's seeds.  Here is a typical late summer scene - the garden version of the survival of the fittest (especially this summer when I haven't been able to garden and trim things back).  The morning glories are overwhelming the spider flower.
A happy pot of impatiens in the back yard.
The balsams (pink flower to the left) come up from seed also.  Their seed pods "pop" when you squeeze them so it's easy to get the seeds spread.  The begonias also do very well in the hot, sunny, front yard all summer.  The red cardinal flower in the center is a perennial, but it also came up from seed - in the small space between the sidewalk and the rock edging.
I love the French marigolds.



Beautiful! I love annuals. They're a different surprise every year. Yours are absolutely lovely.

M Light

Thank you!

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