Unsung Heroes of the Garden
"Happy Days are Here Again"/"Get Happy" - Patti Lupone/Audra McDonald and Judy Garland/Barbra Streisand



Oh, how I wish I could dance like that! (And that hubby could dance like that...)

:::dreamy sigh:::


Since you're obviously good at searching the web, and you've always been such an avid reader, perhaps you could help me find a book. It's about a very small town in eastern NC called Stella. The title has something about 'the story of a hamlet' (or something like that) in it. Any web pages come to mind to search? The author is from Swansboro, NC. (And it's been way too long since we visited!)

M Light

GreenJello: That would be fun!

Audrey: It's definitely been way too long! I didn't have much luck with the book - most searches come up with the more obvious "Hamlet." The book sites I look at weren't any help either.

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