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More from the Washington National Cathedral

First post here.

View from the Great Choir.
The altar.


View from the back of the nave.  They were getting ready to have a wedding.

View of the Washington Monument from the tower.


Don't you just love flying buttresses...



...and vaulted ceilings?!


I love the hummingbird door knocker. 


There were a number of smaller chapels in the lower level of the Cathedral.  This is the Resurrection Chapel.

They had a wonderful gift shop in the lower level of the Cathedral.  I know a few good Catholic bookstores.  Although I know that the Episcopalian population is far smaller, I still have been surprised that I haven't even found a good Episcopalian bookstore online - much less in person.  The bookstore in the Cathedral was wonderful.  I had a few minutes before Evensong to look, and I knew I could find lots of books I'd like to get.  The other things in the gift store were interesting too.  How was I going to decide?  We weren't going to have much time.

That's because we went to Evensong (which was a prayer service.  No singing).  Evensong was held in the Bethlehem Chapel.*  There was one regular, two other visitors, the five of us, and the church member who lead Evensong.  It's very simple - prayers, a psalm, a reading from the Gospel, the Apostle's Creed, etc. 

It was also wonderful.  As much as I enjoyed touring the Cathedral, it's meant for worship.  Evensong was the best part of the vacation. 

After Evensong, we spent a few more minutes in the gift store, but, by then, I no longer wanted to buy anything.  I already got what I needed (and I know that sounds sappy, but it's true).


* I didn't get any good pictures of the Bethlehem Chapel, but on the Cathedral website they have wonderful virtual tours of the major parts of the Cathedral.



Gorgeous! I love, love, love the first picture. Fabulous.


I took two photos of the Bethlehem Chapel deliberately to surprise you (I rushed/snuck back down there afterward to take them), and then I forgot to e-mail them to you. I'll do it now.

M Light

Thank you, both! The first picture was fun to take.

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