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Laura dear I don't know what you're talking about. I've always thought you were lovely, and especially so when you smile or laugh. :-)

And I'm NOT just saying that because I'm your friend! (I could have just not said anything, right?)


Look what you started... My post in reply. I'll let the post say it.

M Light

Thank you, Emily! (grin)


Why are we so hard on ourselves? I shied from the camera for a long, long time and I'm still the one who takes most of the pictures in our family. Then one of my kids pointed out that we have all these photos of them with their dad and hardly of me. I'm sorry I let my disgust with my body shape or double chins keep me from having pictures of me with our kids when they were small.

One day I started taking pictures of myself - in pieces - with our digital camera. I realized that I have pretty eyes. I can crop the stuff I don't like and now I'm easing in to pictures of my whole face!

It's an idea.


Dear one, I just found this excerpt from a comment on my post. It's from Pagan Sphinx: "I thought at first that your wife was your second, younger wife, perhaps. She looks so young and her hair is beautiful." So there.

M Light

DCup - a good idea! I'll have to think about that. I'm just learning about photography at this point. I guess I'd start with my hair and move on to the rest of me.

I don't know why we're so hard on ourselves. I'm generally not critical at all about photos of other people - just myself.

I always like action pictures of myself with my kids - running around, wading in streams, or even something quiet like snuggling. That's more how I think of myself.


Like DCup, I also take most/all the pictures in our family and hate to be in front of the camera. I do realize, like you, that the kids will want pictures of their mom some day so I know I need to get over myself...but that doesn't mean I have to share it on the internet!

p.s. I think the pix of you as a bride is lovely.

M Light

Thank you, DebD! That may be one of my favorite pictures of myself (surpassed only by ones with newborn children (grin)).

Besides having few current pictures that I like, I feel kind of odd about putting my picture on the internet. I can blog all about a bad day and how I feel, but a picture feels too personal.

Summer K

You are sooo NOT Umbridge-like in any way I can discern. Maybe your gardening posts remind me of Professor Sprout's plantacular enthusiasm, but you definitely have an anti-Umbridge vibe.

M Light

Thank you, Summer! I always thought that Sprout seemed the most fun of the teachers (though I find Lupin the most likeable).

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