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Yah - but I'll tattle. It was me. I'm looking forward to that walk tomorrow, and to the fruit we're going to buy. As dear daughter remarked this evening, cinnamon roll is an odd sort of fruit.


Oh, I feel so silly because it's taken me so long to get here! My apologies!

I understand the pressure you're dealing with - the need to accommodate everyone to the point where you forget yourself. Carrying around that stress can be wicked to your back. I had back problems for years until I realized that it was, in large part, stress. Now I let myself cry or explode (most often when I'm alone) and I feel much better.

I also get the bread thing. That picture made me say "yum" out loud.

I hope you have a relaxing August.

M Light

Thank you, DCup! My problem is that I can even fool myself into thinking that I'm not stressed out - until my body starts yelling at me!

Glad to see(well, sort of) you!

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