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Our Pisgah trip, part 1


A few weekends ago, older son, younger son, dear husband and I went camping and hiking in the Brevard/Mount Pisgah area of NC.*

 As usual, we stopped by the Moravian bakery in Old Salem in order to pick up Lovefeast buns and sugar cookies.  To the left is the Moravian church and the square.


We try to stick to major roads, but the side roads beckon us on.  We got off on an unlabeled P5160226blue line (on the map) near Old Fort, NC.  We got lost for a while and ended up on this curvy road (left) which turned into a dirt road (right).

It's fun seeing something you didn't expect.  We didn't stay lost for all that long - to dear husband's regret.




View from the Blue Ridge Parkway near Graveyard Fields.



There were bluets blooming all over the place (photo taken by older son).


We hiked up the rocks of this fork of the Pigeon River (the beginning of the river), and then we waded when the rocks got scarce (taken by older son)(the photo, not the rocks).



Pinxters were blooming too. 




Another cute bluet photo (taken by older son).



A really neat photo of the rocks in the water (older son's)(the photo, not the water).


My view while eating lunch.


Dear husband's view at lunch.

Younger son and I wanted to keep our feet in the water while we ate.  He has really grown this year.  He and I went swimming today, even though it cooled off and rained this afternoon (he really wanted to go).  We were both quite cold by the time we finished.  Anyway, he can stand with his head out of the water for a much larger section of the pool this summer.



Another really interesting bluet photo taken by older son.**




Dear husband and I skimming stones.





The river, myself, and my hiking boots

Last year, when I was having trouble with plantar fasciitis, I finally replaced my old hiking boots.  I had bought them at the Mast General Store in Valle Crucis when I was pregnant with older son (who is now 20).  The old boots served me well, but I love the new ones.  I bought fancy inserts, and I can hike again without pain, and without getting my feet wet as long as the water doesn't get above my ankles.





Hmmm.... This post is getting rather long, and I need to go to sleep.  I'll continue it tomorrow.  Here's one last photo from older son of bluets blooming in the cracks of rocks in the river.

* Daughter stayed with a friend because she can't sleep on the ground due to her foot injury.

** It's my blog and I can bluet if I want to.