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My Forgetfulness, and "Dance With Me"

In April, Alias Clio at The Other World, tagged me for a meme.  I neglected to mention that she tagged me (though I've now fixed that post).  Please go check out her meme.   Lemur Reflections also did the meme (and no one besides me has tried Lemur Reflections' movie meme).

Dancewithme On Alias Clio's recommendation, we recently watched Dance With Me.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable movie, and she has a wonderful review of it:

...The second Youtube clip illustrates a less purely - how should I put it? - indigenous kind of dancing, as it shows the dancing of couples rather than an entire community, but dancing on display here is still miles away from what goes on in non-Latin, non-black dance clubs in North America. The couples move around the room, switching partners spontaneously; the young men break free of the women, and dance a kind of tribute to the singer; then they turn about and dance with each other - not in a sexual way, but rather to encourage each other in their courtship manoeuvres; and finally, they turn back to the women who have been dancing among themselves, reclaiming their partners. It is as if they are dancing to Life itself....


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