Link Fest - April 26, 2008
Father C's Homilies

"Right Outta Nowhere" by Christine Kane

A few months ago, I mentioned listening to The Kid over and over again after an emotionally exhausting evening.  The slow music and harmonies helped me to recenter myself.  Last night, even though I really enjoyed singing in the concert, it exhausted me - so many people to pay attention to, so much going on, and the singing seemed to fly by.  We sang with another choir so that just doubled the number of people to pay attention to. 

While I was putting yesterday's post together, I listened to "Right Outta Nowhere," by Christine Kane, over and over again.  I felt refreshed when I was done.  This song has such hopefullness and encouragement.  I like the line "Leap, and the net will appear," which, as she explains in the video, is a line she borrowed. 

By the way, for anyone who is keeping score, this does NOT count as an angsty choir post.  It counts as a post with a real life introduction, rather than just saying, "Here's a neat song I listened to over and over last night."


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