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Hah! My hat is bigger than Darcy's!

Oh wait - what did we say that meant? Oops.


OK - to leave a more serious post...

I always felt the Moomin books seemed to describe our family in some way - or that their life together seemed strangely familiar, and in a way I'd never found in any other book. Now I think you've hit on a large part of it. So many introverts, and so much of the story from their point of view, taken as the norm, not the exception. That's us.

Introverted viewpoints are so much the norm, actually, that the Hemulen's brief moment to carry the story seems very strange, like we've stuck our head into a fish tank and opened our eyes. Another world. But in many stories that's the common viewpoint, and even when introverts are the main characters (and they often are, since authors may be introverts in enormous numbers) the story is often about them casting aside their shell, or getting out into the world despite it. In Moomin Valley introversion is acceptable, and the romping that takes place is companionable in a gentler way as a result.

The quiet gentleness of these books also appears in the Marzipan Pig - and is part of why I love it. I think most of those characters are also loners and introverts. The bee, the mice, the owl, the clock. Actually the hibiscus' plight is so keen in part because she is an extrovert trapped on a stem. And her first comment to the bee is so jarring because her style is so different from everyone else. Like the hemulen.

I wonder if we can find other favorite books that are full of introverts. The Pooh books have more than the normal share, don't they. The Wind in the Willows (Mole, Badger, even Ratty, to some extent, who only needs one or two friends at a time, and loves his quiet moments alone on the river - all a sharp contrast to Toad, who is, again, a caricature like the hemulen).

How about some adult books? The Austen books? Is that part of their peculiar charm for us in this house?

alias clio

And Radamsah to you, good people and fellow Moomin-lovers!

I too am living a secret and important life by myself...Actually, that sounds a little unhealthy when spoken by a real person, but how I loved that description when I first came upon it. Moominland Midwinter is absolutely magical. I am terribly sorry you posted this first. I had planned, in my haphazard way, to do something similar myself, but it would seem superfluous now.

M Light

Please do post something on it!!!!! I'd love to hear your thoughts. It's my favorite Moomin book (which is saying a lot).


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I know this is an old post but I just had to google share it. I had never thought of this but it explains why I (an introvert) found the books so comforting as a kid.

M Light

I'm glad you found it. I read the Moomin books for years before I realized that the characters introversion was part of what made them feel so familiar. I thought it was just something about my Finnish background.

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