Linkfest: January 5, 2007

Friday Fun Song: "Candyman" by Christine Aguilera

When listening to daughter's tapes (which have lots of good songs - she's got good musical taste), occasionally an unusually gorgeous voice comes on.  I don't always love the songs, but the voice is wonderful.  It's always Christine Aguilera. 

Here's the video with wonderful singing, swing dancing, costumes, and general fun (also some off-color lyrics, so be warned):

There's also a video about the making of this video (click here)(I also ran across a Hugh Jackman fan video made with this song so if you're a Hugh Jackman fan, click here).

And, if you want to show your kids this video, without the innuendo, click here for the "squeaky clean version."



Indeed, there is nothing more dangerous than a boy with charm! I could relate to the video, ha! Christina is always compared to Mariah Carey, unfairly if you ask me. She has her own style, not just a knock off of her predecessor. And this particular song does remind me of your dad's big band music piped through the house - which I always secretly loved! ha!

M Light

Audrey! Good to you! (grin)

I loved the big band music too (still do). Growing up with it - it really became a part of me.

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