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Introvert Jokes

From Introvert Retreat:

Question/How many introverts does it take to have a meeting?

Answer / It only takes two but they both need to have a computer and an internet  connection.

From Finnish Jokes:

How can you tell the difference between a Finnish introvert and a Finnish extrovert?                  
When he's talking to you a Finnish introvert looks at his feet. A Finnish extrovert looks at yours!

(This one is also told about accountants, Norwegians, engineers, and mathematicians.)(I'm half-Finnish and majored in math.)

Non-joke, from Living with an Introvert:  Life in the Slow Lane:

Silence to an introvert is what oxygen is to mammals.

Quote by Anne Lindbergh:

Women need solitude in order to find again the true essence of themselves.



OH, I really like the Ann Lindbergh quote. So true. I used to room with a true extrovert and she often thought I was mad at her because I didn't talk much. I liked the silence and she needed to chat. In many ways we were good for each other, but she did get on my nerves sometimes.

M Light

In college I found that practice rooms were a great way to get solitude - especially the year I had two roommates.

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