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there's a great free resource at www.INFJ.com

M Light

Interesting book list, but the floating menu is very annoying.


That is exactly my personality as well: on paper, I'm very nearly split between INTJ and INFJ - but really, in real life, I'm an INFJ all the way.

And it's so, so true - the INTPs aren't liking the Voldemort thing one bit. (And, to be fair, Voldemort doesn't have nearly the sense of humour that most INTPs have, in my experience.)


As someone who has not read all the books cover to cover and doesn't have a feel for most of the characters, I can't say all that much about the appropriateness of the classifications, but I'm here to vote for Voldemort as not INTP by any stretch.

The INTP is an absent-minded professor who corrects your logic. It is one of the more neurotic types of the 16.

Voldemort to me is more an ESTJ, the overconfident boss of a badly-run corporation.

Harry might be an INTP, an opinionated but reluctant messiah. Hermione is an INFJ, really interested in justice but has trouble getting out of her bookworm nature. (What do you think of that, INFJ MLight?)

If I don't watch out, this will turn into a post.

M Light

I'm a T more at work, total F at home (unless I'm absolutely alone and in a businesslike mood), and it varies for everything else. I've become more F as I've gotten older.

It's difficult to pin down Voldemort. Does his need to dominate others, and therefore have others around to dominate, make him an extrovert? Or does his absorption in his vision of a world of his own creation make him an I? He's definitely a T - no understanding of others' feelings there; and his plan for world domination and the execution of that plan seem J.

However, the Myers-Briggs is supposed to describe normal personalities, not psychopathic ones so it really shouldn't apply to him (That lets everyone off the hook).

M Light

Hermione... she gets a comment of her own.

She seems quite variable. If I think about the earlier books, where she's very much into the rules of the school, she seems more S. INFJ's don't have a particular focus on following rules or fitting into organizations. However... neither does Hermione by the end of the series.

I/E? She seems to be in the middle. She's far more talkative in situations than an average I, but she doesn't seem to have a driving need to be in social situations.

I think she's definitely a J - nothing open-ended or unsettled about her conclusions.

T/F is another one where she's in the middle. Her insistence on being right seems more TJ than FJ (FJ is more along the lines of "I'm right, but I won't press the point if it might make you feel bad"). However, she does understand others a good bit also.

So: XSXJ when she's younger and XNXJ when she's older.

That's the step by step analytical perspective. My immediate "intuitive" reaction was that she's too pushy* and talkative to be an INFJ.

Even so, because of her intensity, idealism, loyalty, and intellectual interests, she's one of the characters I identify with most so her type can't be far off.

* She seems to debate to prove things and wants to be perceived as right. I enjoy debating ideas, and of course I'd like to be right (who wouldn't?!), but I don't really care whether people agree with me or not.**

** If I did, I'd be really disappointed!


I was at themindbehind.net and it listed Dumbledore as an INTP. He seems like a much better match for INTP's than Voldemort.

M Light

I can see that. The INTP's I know aren't organized enough for world domination.


You gotta give J.K credit. She made a book about witches and wizards that was awesome. It's hard to write a good book on that topic. I'm sure that when she writes new books people will compare them to Harry Potter.

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