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Caroline Aquino

I absolutely *love* this performance. Funny - I don't think Karen's performance is more vampish than Bernadette's. I feel that the word "blatant" actually describe's Bernadette's performance a bit better - it feels more "posed" to me. I like both renditions, but Karen and Bill's are much more fun.

M Light

Definitely more fun! (which is not to take anything away from Bernadette Peters' performance) I just watched it again, and I'm amazed at how well they put it together!


This is an older post but I must comment. I saw Bill Irwin's name on the sidebar and had to take a look.

He is a delightful human being, I met him once. Down to earth, kind, funny, sweet.

This made me think of him, a nice memory.

M Light

It's nice to hear that someone who seems so likeable onstage is really that way in person!

Outdoor Lighting Austin

I'm certainly not a Broadway aficionado, but when I watched this on DVD I was floored. Unbelievable performance from Karen, as well as Bill.

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