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"Manson Trio" from Fosse (and Pippin)

[I got sick halfway through vacation, and I'm still getting over everything (the medicines hit me as hard as the illness).  Regular blogging, hopefully, will resume later this week.]

We've never found this dance on YouTube before so I want to post it before it disappears.  It's the "Manson Trio" dance from the musical, Fosse - though it originally comes from Bob Fosse's musical, Pippin.  Here's what I wrote about this dance (featured in a commercial for Pippin) in a post about Ben Vereen and the NC Symphony:

I first saw Ben Vereen on the small, black and white TV with upstate New York antenna-on-top-of-house reception.  In other words, small and fuzzy.  He was in an ad for Pippin:  "These are two minutes of Pippin. Come to the [theater] to see the other eighty-eight". That ad started my life-long fascination for the choreography of Bob Fosse, and my life-long appreciation for Ben Vereen.

Last winter, our wonderful Broadway dance teacher taught us this dance - lots of fun! It was requested by one of the students... (Okay... me).



I have also been a long-time fan of Fosse and have enjoyed these homages.

Hope you feel better soon.

M Light

Thank you!

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