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"Think of musical comedy, the most glorious words in the English language!" - Julian Marsh, 42nd Street

Billyflynn A section of 53rd St. in Manhattan has been named for Jerry Orbach, star of Law and Order, and (more importantly for me) the original Billy Flynn in the Broadway production of Chicago (right).   He was in The Fantasticks (off Broadway),  won a Tony for Promises, Promises, was in the 1966 revival of Annie Get Your Gun, and starred in a 1965 revival of Guys and Dolls.  He made his Broadway Debut playing the puppeteer in the musical, Carnival (based on the film Lili).  You may know him best as Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast.

My favorite role of his is the director, Julian Marsh, in 42nd Street.  Here he is with the 1981 cast in Lullaby of Broadway

Here are more Jerry Orbach musical videos:

[Hat tip to Adventures in the Endless Pursuit of Entertainment]


Maryann Shaw

It always amazes me that he and Jesse Martin from RENT were partners for so long on Law and Order and yet there was never a musical episode (Buffy the Vampire Slayer got to do it!)

M Light

That would have made a great musical episode! I didn't realize Jesse Martin was in that show too - I really need to check it out sometime.

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