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A Drive Tape and Bits and Pieces

I occasionally make drive tapes with energetic or good-to-sing-with (or both) songs to keep that side of my brain busy while driving.  I definitely needed one for the trip up to Maine so here's the one I put together (heavy on the Broadway songs for obvious reasons)(I was surprised by how many of these I've blogged about):

Side A:
New Way to Love - REO Speedwagon (I can't find an mp3 or song clip to play this one; I've got it on tape)(great aerobic song)
Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag - Chicago
The Seeker - Shelby Lynne (wonderful for singing with)
Rise Up - Indigo Girls
Baby Likes to Rock It - The Tractors (also a good aerobic song)
Don't Rain on My Parade - Funny Girl (wonderful for belting out)
Hit Me With a Hot Note - Duke Ellington's Sophisticated Ladies
Goodnight America - Mary-Chapin Carpenter (wonderful for singing)
Raised on Robbery - Joni Mitchell
Burnin' Love - Wynonna (from the Lilo & Stitch soundtrack)
La Vida Loca - Ricky Martin

Side B:
All That Jazz - Chicago
Rent/I'll Cover You - Rent
Beautiful Racket - Mary-Chapin Carpenter
The Kid - Cry, Cry, Cry    (blog post here)(wonderful for singing the melody or the harmony)
You Can't Stop the Beat - Hairspray (you can't get away from this song!)
Since U Been Gone - Kelly Clarkson
U Can't Touch This - MC Hammer
Working for the Weekend - Loverboy (great aerobic song)
It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)/Jumpin' at the Woodside - Swing

It served as a good drive tape on our trip - especially in Massachusetts.  The driving tends to get crazier the closer you get to Boston.


I listened to the drive tape again today on the way to church.  Not because of the traffic (I can take mostly picturesque back roads (above)), but because I haven't been to church since last spring.  In the summer, the 11 am service I usually go to (and which older son sings in the choir for) is combined with the 9 am service to make a 10 am service that I'm not at all comfortable going to (I'm not comfortable with the 9 am either). The choir doesn't sing in the summer so we haven't been there (we used to go to Father C's church in the summer, but he's not there anymore, and we haven't figured out any other alternatives that anyone's excited about).

Anyway, I was really nervous about going back again this morning after months away (okay, in what little spare time I've had this week, I've kind of obsessed about it).  Not that I thought anyone would say anything (no one has in previous years), still, I always have trouble going back again after a summer away.  Energetic music would make me feel better. 

When I got there, I walked through the parking lot with "La Vida Loca" in my head, and I was almost tempted to do some chasses to go along with it (actually, I would have if there hadn't been someone behind me (grin)).  We did a lot of chasses to The Music and the Mirror (from A Chorus Line) last week in Broadway class.

I haven't told you about Broadway dance, have I?  We're back in it again.  Daughter decided that she wanted to focus on technique this year rather than spending Feb through May on the recital.  So she's taking all her classes at Barriskill Dance (alternating between two  Broadway and two ballet) this year since they don't do a large recital.   There's no schedule conflict so we've been able to continue with Broadway dance.  We've been working on Steam Heat (from Fosse) lately - lots of fun!

Getting back to church... I also was concerned about the sermon - if they were getting into heavy-hitting stewardship sermons, I really didn't need to hear that with everything else going on right now. 

The sermon was wonderful - about the Gospel reading of the story of the woman and the coin.  We're the coin; we're lost; and Jesus finds us.  Just the kind of depend-on-God sermon I needed right now.

The weather has been wonderfully cool the last few days, and I've taken lots of walks (two yesterday, three today).  This is the weather I've been waiting for! (now if we could just get a little more rain...)


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