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Back to Homeschool Week #3: Getting out there...

It's the third day of back to homeschool week  hosted by Randi at i have to say...:

Wednesday, August 8---Getting out there...
Extra-curricular activities, community involvement, volunteering, sports teams, music lessons,  making sure your kids have opportunities to be social, co-ops, etc., etc., etc...

First a list:  Dance classes from age 5 on up for daughter, homeschool group classes, writing classes taught by a homeschool mother (M.A. in English), science classes with a homeschool mother (PhD. in Biology), editing neighborhood newsletters, volunteering at the State Science Museum, choirs, homeschool group field trips, homeschool group park days, various church activities, general playing with other kids in the neighborhood, and more things which I'm sure that I'm not remembering.  Many of these have been long term activities.

So we don't just hibernate inside the house - except for the week between Christmas and New Years which is my favorite week of the year

We don't spend as much time out at activities as many other families for various reasons.  First, if we rush around too much, we start getting stressed and snappish, and our creativity dwindles.  Second, (for those of you new to my blog), I have this odd problem where, if I drive too much, motion starts making me dizzy.  This got so bad one year that I couldn't drive at all for two weeks.  It's a muscle tension thing, and massage and stretching help, but I still can't overdo it.  I find that, when we do go through a busy spell, my kids start mentioning that we're overly busy around the time I start noticing the warning signs.

Third, if we have too many scheduled activities, our spontaneity ceases.  We just rush around trying to fit things in.  Then there's no time for game mornings, or long conversations over breakfast out in the gardens, or time to do many of the other things that we like to go out and do such as (links in parentheses are things I've blogged about):





I'm waiting for numbers 4 and 5 (grin). Not sure which I'm more eager to see. Friday's, I think, though I'll be looking for anything surprising in #4...

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