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For Curvy Women: Friday Fun Song, "There's Lightning in These Thunder Thighs" - Saffire, The Uppity Blues Women

Many of the blogs I regularly read have been on vacation this month so I've wandered around the internet finding new ones.  I've even wandered far afield and found some blogs about fashion for curvy women (the fashion is the "far afield" part of that sentence):

Born out of frustration with all things stupid, Ask the Blondes is a space where two blondes with plenty of life experience and no formal training can advise you on many subjects, including beauty, body acceptance, grammar, and preparing for your upcoming job interview.

We can also advise you on breathing properly during your yoga poses, why you should leave your cheating husband, and how to stop a cat from peeing outside of its litter box

To go along with these blogs, here's this week's Friday Fun Song, "There's Lightning in These Thunder Thighs."  I haven't posted a Friday Fun Song for a few weeks because I couldn't come up with anything terribly different than those I already posted.  This one's different!

Now, I have to apologize to my aerobics instructor side for this song.  Still, it's fun to sing (with gusto!):

I'm getting sick and tired; it's all you hear
'Bout biking, and hiking, and toning up your rear.
What happened to the days of hips and curves?
This talk about fitness is getting on my nerves.
There's just one way that I work up a sweat,
And you ain't tried my aerobics yet...

Oldnewsaffire I've written about Saffire, The Uppity Blues Women before - and about how some of their songs would not be appropriate for a concert with children in the audience.  This song is one of those.  Now, really little kids won't understand this song because it's all innuendo.  However, if you don't want kids asking you what the song is about, don't listen to it while they're in the room.  And, if you are offended by bawdy lyrics (and one swear word), you probably want to skip this one.

For the rest of you, enjoy! (From their album, Old, New, Borrowed, & Blue)



What - didn't anyone want to comment about this piece of music? Is it the lyrics?

I will never forget hearing this (and so much else) as one of the only males at a concert of Saffire. I like these ladies and their attitude - but the mood of the crowd was a little scary for a guy. Good thing I had you along.

Cynthia Emmets

Glad to hear you enjoyed it! I am the lyricist of the song! I wrote it in 1991 because a guy I'd been dating kept telling me I needed to ride my bicycle at least 10 miles a day because my thighs were too big. I broke up with the guy and wrote this song!Oh,sweet revenge!

M Light

I'm glad you stopped by! I've always loved this song. What an appropriate revenge!

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