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You know, I feel like I should be imparting all sorts of wisdom here.  After all, I've gone all the way through with homeschooling older son.  Daughter is already in 10th grade.  Younger son is well into elementary school. 

I don't really feel like I have all that much to impart, though.  Maybe it's because I'm tired.

Or maybe it's because we're all still works in progress - including me.  The things I was working on changing in myself, homeschooling-wise and in general, a decade ago, such as my temper, or being too worried, or trying to get too much done, I'm still working on.  I'll probably always be working on those. 

You do the best you can and try to enjoy the voyage as much as possible.  Give thanks every day - every moment if you can.  But I knew this ten years ago too.  I'm still working at being aware of it day to day and minute to minute.

One of my favorite quotes is from Act 3 of Thornton Wilder's play, Our Town.  Emily, the main character, is able to go back to one simple day in her life, her twelfth birthday.  Every moment means so much to her that she can't stand it, and she asks the Stage Manager, "Doesn't anyone ever realize life while they live it? Every, every minute?"  He replies, "No. Saints and poets, maybe; they do some."



This is the 3rd time this week someone has referenced Our Town. I am going to pick that play up at the library and read it. It sounds wonderful!

Thanks for posting!


Ditto. :-)


The longer I homeschool the less I feel like I know what "other" people should do.

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