Linkfeast: July 15, 2007
What's Appropriate for Children

"Sooner or Later" - Bernadette Peters

We ran across this video recently - a wonderful performance by Bernadette Peters.  When I was a teenager,  she played a curly-headed, beautifully figured, free spirit on the TV show All's Fair.  When I was in college, she won a Tony for playing the only role in the first half of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Song and Dance.  There are very few people I have wanted to be, but she was one of them. 

Here she is singing Stephen Sondheim's, Oscar-winning song "Sooner or Later" from the movie Dick Tracy* (sung by Madonna in the movie).  From Bernadette Peter's introduction:

In this movie, this song is sung by a blond bombshell.  Not me.  Although we both have religious names.

(I'm amazed the dress stays on!)

* Warren Beatty originally wanted Bob Fosse to direct, but Fosse turned him down. [From IMDB trivia]


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